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About Bosda

Bosda International Inc was incorporated in Toronto in August of 2007. We focus on wheel hub assemblies’ aftermarket sales, product research, and customer services in Canada and the United States. Our current main product lines are wheel hub assemblies and wheel bearings for passenger cars and light-duty trucks.

A year after inception, we established our U.S. office in Los Angles, California. We have been experiencing consistent growth ever since. In order to meet the demand, we have established two warehouses in Toronto, Ontario, and Irvine, California to better service our customers.

In the past 14 years, we work with major automotive parts importers to North American Markets. We offer one of the most comprehensive lists of auto-part bearings in North America Market with 1200+ wheel hub assemblies and 200+ wheel bearings.  We are constantly expanding our product offerings with market demands. In addition, we are looking into expanding our product offerings into agriculture machinery hubs, commercial vehicle hubs on an international scale.

Bosda’s mission is to deliver quality products and reliable service to our customers. We will continue to build great relationships with our customers in North America.

Our Milestones

August, 2007

Bosda International Inc. Founded

Bosda International Inc. was incorporated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and focused on working with the major American/Canadian importers in aftermarket auto parts.

August, 2007

September, 2008

U.S. Office Established

U.S. Office was incorporated in Los Angles, California

September, 2008

May, 2010

First Warehouse

Bosda self-managing warehouse was established in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

May, 2010

June, 2012

3rd Sunset Review

Bosda attended a hearing of the 3rd Sunset Review of Tapered Roller Bearings from China by U.S. International Trade Commission in Washington D.C.

June, 2012

June, 2015

Warehouse Expansion

Bosda warehouse was established in Irvine, California to better serve its customers in the West Coast

June, 2015

August, 2017

10th Year Anniversary

Bosda successfully achieves its 10th-Year-Anniversary

August, 2017

Working With Bosda


We work together with our partners/vendors/friends to overcome daily challenges.


We deliver what we promised.


We work closely with our customers on new product development.


We work with the customers and for the customers.

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